After an upgrade I am missing new views/menu entries/keyboard shortcuts that were mentioned in the ChangeLog
Make sure you're using the ZamiaCAD perspective and try Window->Reset Perspective....

How do I start a project re-build?
Make sure you have Project->Build automatically checked, then select Project->Clean... which will trigger a rebuild.

During indexing: Which source file / library unit will win?
The source file / library unit that is found first has the highest priority. The order of extern/local declarations in your BuildPath.txt is important.

While navigating through my project I noticed ZamiaCAD sometimes jumps to (slightly) wrong locations in my sources
Probably the source files have changed since your last build of the project. Try cleaning and rebuilding the project so ZamiaCAD will update the source references in its database.

ZamiaCAD is behaving strangely / crashed on me - what can I do ?
ZamiaCAD keeps a lot of data cached on your local disk which can become inconsistent. While we are very interested in learning about how you managed to triggered this situation (see bottom of this page for contact information and how to send bug reports), if you need a quick fix there is a function built into ZamiaCAD which will clear all cached data and give you a fresh start: Project -> Clear Cached Data
once this operation is finished (may take a few minutes depending on the size of your projects, you can watch its progress on the ZamiaCAD console view) you will have to re-build all projects Project -> Clean...
once that is finished it is highly recommended that you close and re-start eclipse/ZamiaCAD so it will save a consistent workspace state to disk.
Once again: if you end up in a situation where you feel clearing the cache is necessary, please consider sending a bug report first. The authors are very interested in feedback so ZamiaCAD can be improved.

How do I change font sizes?
Unfortunately that depends on the desktop environment you're using. If you're running a gnome environment, ZamiaCAD/Eclipse should inherit GUI settings from there (System->Preferences->Look and Feel on RedHat based systems). Other desktop environments may have other ways to change GTK fonts (and colors).

If that turns out to be difficult or simply not an option, you can override any system settings from within ZamiaCAD/Eclipse: Window->Preferences, then navigate to General->Appearance->Colors and Fonts. Here you will find most font settings. Unfortunately because of the highly modular nature of Eclipse there are other places where fonts and colors can be configured as well (for certain specialized views) - using the search/filter function in the upper left corner can help here.

Buttons functionality problem with GTK+ 2.18 (e.g. Ubuntu 9.10)
this is a known bug in eclipse's GTK+ port: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=291257
workaround: I can confirm this bug including the "export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true" hack that
restores normal behavior.

My question is not covered here - where do I find help?
1. ZamiaCAD forum

2. Send us an e-mail
If possible, please include relevant console and/or logfile (/data/<login>/zamia/zamia.log) output in your bug report.

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