Getting started

Build zamiaCad from git Repository

Install and Prepare eclipse

  • Install eclipse.
  • In eclipse install (Help -> Instal New Software...) or make sure that you already have both the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) SDK and the Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK (EMF).

Fetching the code

Use your favorite command-line git client here. Windows users can consider installing msysgit with the optional interface TortoiseGit.

$ cd {your eclipse workspace}

Clone zamia core code
$ git clone git:// (see also download page)

Clone zamia eclipse plugin
$ git clone git://

Creating the zamiacad Core Project

  • Start eclipse
  • Choose New -> Project... from the File menu
  • Select Java Project
  • Click Next
  • Project name is zamiacad (lower case is important)
  • Click Finish
  • Answer the question on the java perspective with yes

Creating the Eclipse Plug-in Project

In eclipse with the zamiacad core project

  • Choose New -> Project... from the File menu
  • Select Plug-in Development -> Plug-in Project
  • Click Next
  • Project name is zamia-eclipse-plugin (lower case is important)
  • Click Next
  • From Options deselct Generate an activator
  • Click Finish
  • Answer the question on the plugin development perspective with yes

Cleanup workspace

$ cd /path/to/your/workspace/zamiacad
$ git reset --hard HEAD
$ cd /path/to/your/workspace/zamia-eclipse-plugin
$ git reset --hard HEAD

Build and Launch zamiaCAD

  • Refresh the zamiacad project inside eclipse (F5).
  • Refresh the zamia-eclipse-plugin project inside eclipse (F5).
  • Click "Launch and Eclipse application in Debug mode" in the zamia-eclipse-plugin Overview (click zamia-eclipse-plugin/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF if you do not see it).

Alternatively, from the context menu of plugin.xml (right-click) in the zamia-eclipse-plugin project and select Debug as -> Eclipse Application

  • Make sure the proper perspective is chosen. Window -> Open Perspective -> Other -> zamiaCAD

Switching between branches

Using the instructions provided above you will get the master branch of the source code.
In case if you are targeting one of the experimental features of zamiaCAD you may need to switch to a different branch.

To list the git branches (remote and local)
$ cd /path/to/your/workspace/zamiacad (or /zamia-eclipse-plugin)
$ git branch -a

To switch to another branch
$ git checkout your_branch_name

Do not forget to refresh (F5) the new sources for the project in eclipse.
You may also need to consider proper combination of branches for zamiacad and zamia-eclipse-plugin projects.

To update your local copy
$ cd /path/to/your/workspace/zamiacad (or /zamia-eclipse-plugin)
$ git pull

VM Settings

For industrial designs it is likely that you need to adapt the VM settings:

  • Close down the second eclipse instance
  • Choose Debug as -> Debug Configurations... from the plugin.xml context menu
  • Select the Eclipse Application debug-configuration
  • Switch to the Arguments tab
  • Set the VM arguments entry to -Xmx1500m -Xms1000m -Xss4m -server (it is recommended that you double these numbers on 64bit systems)

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