For your convenience there are three ways to get zamiaCAD:

  1. Probably the easiest way is simply to download ZamiaCAD as product. This includes Eclipse with embedded ZamiaCAD plugin. The versions of product for Linux, Windows and MacOS are available. Consider the tutorials to start using the tool immedately.
  2. If you already have an instance of Eclipse running, you can install zamiaCAD plugin using Eclipse update-site. Simply open menu "Help" -> "Install New Software..." and enter URL for both "Name" and "Location" in the "Add" window. Completed installation, open "Window" -> "Open Perspective" -> "Others" -> "zamiaCAD ". Done. It might be the most convenient way to integrate zamiaCAD into your instance of Eclipse.


    If you need Python scripting support in zamiaCAD, use this guideline to download compliant Python library.

  3. Finally, you can compile the source code. It is available in GIT repository. The source code unveils the implementation insights, enables modification and adaptation of the tool for your needs and opens the door for contributions into our open-source project. It is the advanced way to get the most of zamiaCAD.

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