Open source platform for advanced hardware design
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zamiaCAD is a modular and extensible platform for advanced hardware design, analysis, and research.
Its core components are the language independent Instantiation Graph (IG) data structure, the language dependent frontends generating an IG, and applications working on the IG data structure.

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Please note the zamiaCAD project is in active development stage at the moment!

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It is written in Java.

The sources are hosted in SourceForge GIT repository (get started).

zamiaCAD 0.11.3 is released

Latest releases enable Verilog editor (parsed but not highlighted)

Extended VHDL in simulator (succ/pred, shifting and loop operations, postponed processes) simulator speed. Fixed file change detector and failures in error reporting.

All the links remain the same.


Update site:


The complete changelog:

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zamiaCAD 0.11.1 is released

This is a minor maintenance release that primarily targets simulator bugs and source code clean up / refactoring.

In addition to code polishing and simulator bug fixes, we have added an experimental scientific feature for measuring of quality of diagnostic test set.

Convenient zamiacad.bat script is now also available for running zamiaCAD from command line in Windows OS-es.


Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are meant to give you an impression of how zamiaCAD looks like and feels like.
They should also help you start using zamiaCAD as an end-user.

Note that for a better visual experience it is advised that you choose the 720p HD quality.

zamiaCAD (1) Basics: VHDL code entry, navigation, build management

zamiaCAD (2) Simulator   (Coming soon)

zamiaCAD (3) Debugger

zamiaCAD (4) Static Analysis, Static Slicing

zamiaCAD 0.11.0 is released

zamiaCAD features all new automated VHDL design bugs localization facility and enriched static analysis by through signal assignment search.

New tutorials demonstrate the debugging facilities powered by Python scripts.
The release also includes zamiaCAD speed-up and improvements in the simulator and editor/navigation parts. 

As usual, the latest zamiaCAD products are available at

Eclipse update-site of zamiaCAD is available at


zamiaCAD 0.10.3 is now available for download

zamiaCAD 0.10.3 product is available at

Eclipse update-site of zamiaCAD is available at

Visit zamiaCAD at DATE 2012, Dresden, Germany, 12-16 March

Visit us at the Design, Automation, and Test in Europe (DATE) conference Exhibition University booth where Tallinn University of Technology will demonstrate applications of the open source HW design fremework zamiaCAD.


zamiaCAD receives IBM Faculty Award!


zamiaCAD project has received IBM Faculty Award supporting the development and research activities.
The main goal of these activities is application of the zamiaCAD framework to real world hardware design, debug and analysis.

zamiaCAD 0.10.2 is now available for download

zamiaCAD 0.10.2 product is available at

The most important changes in this release include:

Eclipse Update Site for zamiaCAD is now up and functioning

After multiple requests from our users, it is now possible to install zamiaCAD into your current Eclipse setup using a standard Eclipse plug-in installation feature — Update Site — which is accessible through menu Help -> Install New Software...

Just copy this path:
into the "Work with" field, press <Enter> and proceed as with any other Eclipse plug-in installation.

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